First Blood – My Blood

I spent a few hours plexing.  I was jumping from novice to small plexes.  I knew in the back of my mind that these were good sites to cut my teeth on.  Still, I jumped when anyone new popped up in local.  I spammed the ‘v’ button to activate my directional scanner.  When a ship showed up on my scan, I would reduce the distance an hit the key again to see if they were flying to take me on.  Nothing.

One of the exciting moments was a Stratios that came into system.  It immediately cloaked, but not before I already pinged it on my d-scan.  The cruiser released a bunch of combat probes, and immediately set to narrowing down my location.  I felt this was funny, since I was simply circling the button within the plex I was defending.  Eventually, he was able to lock on my location.  His probes remained, surrounding my plex.  I was ready for the fight, although I knew my Tristan did not have a chance against a Stratios.  I continue to spam my d-scan waiting for his Strat to decloak to jump in for our fight.  It never came.  I do believe he flew to his ship lock, but then discovered he was prevented to fly into my small plex.  I would love to take this moment to laugh at him, but obviously I forgot this detail as well.  Let this be a reminder to the reader – I do not know much about faction warfare.

With that said, I’m pretty happy with how well I’m negotiating the d-scan.  When I warp into a new system, I take a few moments to alt+left click to direct my narrowed band d-scan to each plex in an attempt to identify any ships that may be plexing.  I’m very surprised how many people warp off as I approach.  I feel I’m an easy target, and yet off they go.  Within the hours I spent flying around, I repeatedly ran into an Atron pilot offensive plexing.  I think I must have chased her off of three sites.  I even sat in her vacated site to work through the additional time she added to attack the site, hoping she’d come back.  There was a time she did come back, sat out by the gate leading to my site, but then she flew out of system.  I sense the risk averse force is strong in that one!

Fear not, I did manage to blow up.  

XQ0001 Down, 99 more to go

An Incursus took me on, when I decided to get really greedy in a sleepy little system and go for a large plex.  In these large plexes, there are no gates to lock ships out, but the Loyalty Point (LP) rewards are big.  Milja Itazura got into system, went to one of the plex sites, and then finally located me at the large (not sure if he’s into the locating with d-scan thing).  I do find it a bit ironic that the moment I decided to head out to a site that provides no protection from ship size, a frigate pilot takes me out anyway.

As you can tell from Kill Report, I have a passive shield tank set up.  When Milja warped in, I targeted him immediately and set my drones on him.  I drew the first hit, taking the security status hit.  I am not going to lose any sleep on this, since I know the naughty boy was not just stopping in to say, “Hi Quin.”  When I locked him, I hit the orbit key, which I have set to 17 km.  I think this is where I made my first mistake, I did not click on my micro warp drive – maybe even overheating it to get distance on him.  I have to remember to prepare that sort of thing as I see a pilot flying in for mischief.  Before I knew it, the Incursus was just up on my ass within his blasters’ range.  My drones, Hobgoblin IIs, did a great job melting through his shields, but my own shields did not hold up well from blaster damage.  At least not as well as his active armor tank.  

The combat was a little fast, and some details escaped my attention.  For example, when I realized how close the Incursus was on my Tristan, I attempted to punch on my micro warp drive.  His scram would not allow that, so the distance contest was won by him pretty early into the battle.  I also noticed that I did not lock him up with my warp disruptor for longer than I care to admit.  I need to have this be an immediate action as I lock target.  I attempted to keep an eye on velocity and transversal velocity, but I think that awareness went out as soon as I realized I was not keeping the distance I wanted.  I need to stay out of scram range to win.  My goal here is to maximize transversal velocity to my advantage.  I do not have weapons, so I do not need to worry about turret tracking – an Incursus does.  Again, as he got in my face quickly, any possible opportunity I would have was lost.

A redeeming point to this battle, if memory serves correctly, I got him into structure.  I don’t feel the battle was as one sided as I believed my first losses would be.  I’m also glad I had a 1v1 battle for my first faction warfare experience.  Although I hope for more opportunities such as this, I do not believe this will hold up through my loss experience.

For anyone curious, I knew the PvP game was going to be fast for me, which is why I took such a passive fit.  As I get more comfortable with the game, I’ll see what I can do to add to my ship’s tool box.  Any suggestions of Tristan fits you think I should/could use, please feel free to leave me a comment, send in game mail, or both.

XQ0002 is now fired up, and ready to go.  Record now stands at: 99 Tristans in station; 0 kills.

4 thoughts on “First Blood – My Blood

  1. How odd that I run into this blog seven months later while looking for Damavik fits. I thought your name looked familiar.

    Also how odd it is that your first death was my first solo PvP kill. Like you I am not a PvPer, but unlike you I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I’m trying to fix that. Perhaps I need to.

    It was a very close fight (15% structure), one I didn’t expect to win. As I closed the distance, I expected you to MWD out of range at any moment, thus forcing me to flee or die. I hit my scram in desperation, hoping to catch you before you activated, and it landed. Fish on!

    My armor bar looked like a tennis match. When the last paste was used, I looked to see where you were…knowing my luck you were at half shields or something. Seeing you in structure meant I had a chance…

    Funny thing…I’m a drone boat pilot when I PvE. Yet I forgot to deploy my drone for the fight. Too busy hoping I’d close the distance to deploy anything else…

    I hope you’re still trying to learn the Tristan. I’m up for a rematch if I see you, and based on what you’ve learned I don’t expect to win. ^_^

    Good fight. Fly safe!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love adding a different perspective to these combat memories. I always worry that I may not be accurate, but then again in perspective world we’re all right.

      I’m back from a bit of a break. I’m glad I returned in time for your comment. I will be posting, and flying, again soon. Until we meet again!


      1. I look forward to it! I need to get back on the solo PvP bandwagon after spending a lot of time concentrating on industry. I’ve moved a few frigates into the area, so I just need to fit them and run around. You might see me occasionally during your time zone after I return from vacation.

        In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the RP’ed after-action I wrote to Eve University:

        PvP Diary – 21 November, YC120
        Location: Brarel
        Current ship: Praetorian (Incursus-class FFB)

        Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach.

        It was late…the lights in Citadel 101 were dimmed, giving the impression of a small city at night even amidst the perpetual darkness of space. I’d just finished two days of scrambling back and forth in a Nereus, a globule of blood in the network of arteries that make up my far-flung business interests. Though war with RvB has been refreshing for the Uni as a whole, my one encounter thus far ended poorly. (Poor decisions beget poor performance in a capsuleer’s life.) I’d just inventoried my available frigates and destroyers earlier in the day and realized I hadn’t flown many of them. If this war promised content, I suppose I’d better shake the rust off the ships and remove the cobwebs from what little PvP knowledge I’d stored amidst the industry implants.

        I chose an Incursus, a ship I hadn’t flown on a regular basis since my first month as a capsuleer. Slow, methodical, stubborn…in many ways it represents how I handle most situations. Like most of my ships, the Praetorian had been insured soon after fitting was complete, and it had 14 days left…a tribute to inactivity. Or perhaps it’s the price of preparedness; there’s a fine line between apathy toward combat and awaiting a threat’s possible arrival. I’d used the latter reason to continue to fit and prepare ships, and a drive toward profitability to avoid using the former excuse. I need the ISK to build more ships for myself and the Uni to defend the homestead in all these wars, don’t I? I can’t go for a spin through LowSec right now…there are asteroids to mine, modules to build…

        Firing up the systems in the Praetorian didn’t take long; frigates are such simple ships. Ammo in the hold, a drone in the bay, no repairs needed, insurance paid, all the lights are green…time to slide out into the inkiness. Two quick jumps into Ouelletta, swapping ammo loads in the turrets en route to re-familiarize myself with optimal ranges before committing to Null. Just my luck I’m going to be fighting from behind, so I’ll need the increased range…even if that only buys me a kilometer.

        Roamed some systems in the Ouelletta pipeline without much success. Spotted a Moros on scan in Agoze…always an unusual icon to identify on the screen. Found a Tristan in Vey at a large facility, but he warped away as I warped onto the grid with him. Too bad for him…I’d entered at 50+ kilometers, so he would have had a field day with me. Proud of myself for chasing him to a nearby station, but he jumped away again before I could close the distance effectively. A good warmup to shake the butterflies loose.

        Entered Brarel and found a different Tristan on scan. Very few facilities active there, so I had to make some guesses. No luck at the small facility, but I’d seen the last Tristan at the large…what are the odds? Muttering to Bob, I blindly jump into the large facility at 0. Fire is an excellent cleanser of rust, isn’t it? Thus, jumping right into the fire makes perfect sense in my sleep-addled haze…

        Tristan coming up on scan, on grid…20 kilometers from my ending position, Hobgoblin IIs out. Commit, bull rush, now or never. Maybe I can catch him off guard by flying straight at him. (Odd thought rushes through my head: “Do they have deer freezing in headlights in space?”) Turned on the afterburner, vague recollection of at least thinking about overheating it early…might have accomplished that activation, might not. Flash of light as his point lands. Next range check: 13 kilometers, and not changing at a quick glance…so much for surprise. Here come the drones…chunks of cosmetic shields disappearing every few seconds. Range check…13 kilo…wait…12. I’m gaining? There’s hope!

        Thoughts coming faster, more blurry now in hindsight. Guns on, even at this impossible range…I know I’ll forget if I wait until I’m closer. Shields finish melting, activating the ancillary repairer…instinct says to turn it on just before shields disappear, but the cognizant brain wonders why nothing happened for the first full second after activation. Without checking range, hitting the webifier button, expecting Aura to chide me for being too far away (almost gleefully, it seems sometimes)…but the circle continues to fill…it landed! Apply scram…fish on!

        A flash on the screen pulls my eyes up as the Tristan’s drones fly at me head on in their latest pass. 250 damage every flight, answered by ~160 as my bunched blasters slam T2 ammo into my opponent’s shields. Those shields aren’t going down very fast…so, shield fit, buffered. Let’s see which nut cracks first…eyes drawn back to the tennis match that is my armor level, mind doing computations I never thought possible when this tired, knowing it’ll be close when the last paste applies…

        Eyes flicking to all parts of my display, checking useful and useless data in an unpredictable dance…still no one else in system, so it’s not a trap…just him and me…damage dropping into structure…momentary relief as nanites throw themselves in front of hobgoblin hybrids…eyes catch the repairer’s charge status…empty, just used the last paste…what’s he at? Structure! Who gets next hit…a calm, morbid reflex unerringly finds the Warpout tab of the overview, selector hovering over the nearby planet, eyes twitch to the center of the display…

        Aura’s ding…red words…but not the familiar “CAPSULE EJECTED”…

        “Kill report available”? Eyes slam downward, seeing white AND red in my indicators…ship’s alive…explosions are from the Tristan breaking up…long, slow sigh of relief. (How long had I been holding my breath?) Remember to “gf” in local…grab the T2 modules from the wreck…scoop up his drones…realized I never used my single Hobgoblin II. What else could have gone wrong? Building blocks…what am I at? 1% shield, 15% armor, 11% structure…don’t forget to warp out before someone else takes advantage of your mess…


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