Boom!!!… and He’s Back

Just under a year since the last activity, and XQ0058 was offered up as penance for the long neglect.

XQ0058 Kill Mail

At least I remembered to renew the insurance.

Personal life wise, I had to focus on a new job, then, well, this pandemic took over the rest of the time. I’ve been working… a lot. My attention was placed on the stresses of home and work, and that’s all I’ll get into with that. As I said before, I’m committed to seeing this challenge through, and then see where the PvP fates take me.

So XQ0058 went up in a meh way. I defended the plex, had the distance, the Caldari Navy Hookbill was just too fast. Actually I’m still trying to piece together how he was able to close that distance, and keep me from my nice comfortable kiting ways. What can I say, away too long, and my analysis chops get rusty.

An interesting note to this, (and I’m pleasantly surprised by this), I see Fleet War pilots are now awarded Loyalty Points for losses. In my humble opinion, this is a great incentive for pilots to mix it up. I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s a difference to winning. The 1528 LP award for losing the above fight is so much higher than the LP award I would get for winning a fight against an opposing FW pilot. Like twice as much!!! Financially, this is huge for Fleet War pilots.

I’m going to follow up this post with posts summarizing the kills that lead up to the one featured here. Before I took a break, I had activity banked to post about. There are several kill mails to detail. I think I will keep it simple and organize the posts as the ships I lost, and the kills I gathered. I did take very brief notes with these kill mails, but the memory for most just isn’t there anymore. I will be brief, with the notable events that have stuck in my memory.

I want to thank any readers for hanging in there. Although I do have a tendency to take breaks from Eve, this last one was excessive – not entirely intentional. There have been several changes, so it will be interesting to stumbling into these details as I fly around looking to blow up.

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