First Blood – My Blood

I spent a few hours plexing.  I was jumping from novice to small plexes.  I knew in the back of my mind that these were good sites to cut my teeth on.  Still, I jumped when anyone new popped up in local.  I spammed the ‘v’ button to activate my directional scanner.  When a ship showed up on my scan, I would reduce the distance an hit the key again to see if they were flying to take me on.  Nothing.

One of the exciting moments was a Stratios that came into system.  It immediately cloaked, but not before I already pinged it on my d-scan.  The cruiser released a bunch of combat probes, and immediately set to narrowing down my location.  I felt this was funny, since I was simply circling the button within the plex I was defending.  Eventually, he was able to lock on my location.  His probes remained, surrounding my plex.  I was ready for the fight, although I knew my Tristan did not have a chance against a Stratios.  I continue to spam my d-scan waiting for his Strat to decloak to jump in for our fight.  It never came.  I do believe he flew to his ship lock, but then discovered he was prevented to fly into my small plex.  I would love to take this moment to laugh at him, but obviously I forgot this detail as well.  Let this be a reminder to the reader – I do not know much about faction warfare.

With that said, I’m pretty happy with how well I’m negotiating the d-scan.  When I warp into a new system, I take a few moments to alt+left click to direct my narrowed band d-scan to each plex in an attempt to identify any ships that may be plexing.  I’m very surprised how many people warp off as I approach.  I feel I’m an easy target, and yet off they go.  Within the hours I spent flying around, I repeatedly ran into an Atron pilot offensive plexing.  I think I must have chased her off of three sites.  I even sat in her vacated site to work through the additional time she added to attack the site, hoping she’d come back.  There was a time she did come back, sat out by the gate leading to my site, but then she flew out of system.  I sense the risk averse force is strong in that one!

Fear not, I did manage to blow up.  

XQ0001 Down, 99 more to go

An Incursus took me on, when I decided to get really greedy in a sleepy little system and go for a large plex.  In these large plexes, there are no gates to lock ships out, but the Loyalty Point (LP) rewards are big.  Milja Itazura got into system, went to one of the plex sites, and then finally located me at the large (not sure if he’s into the locating with d-scan thing).  I do find it a bit ironic that the moment I decided to head out to a site that provides no protection from ship size, a frigate pilot takes me out anyway.

As you can tell from Kill Report, I have a passive shield tank set up.  When Milja warped in, I targeted him immediately and set my drones on him.  I drew the first hit, taking the security status hit.  I am not going to lose any sleep on this, since I know the naughty boy was not just stopping in to say, “Hi Quin.”  When I locked him, I hit the orbit key, which I have set to 17 km.  I think this is where I made my first mistake, I did not click on my micro warp drive – maybe even overheating it to get distance on him.  I have to remember to prepare that sort of thing as I see a pilot flying in for mischief.  Before I knew it, the Incursus was just up on my ass within his blasters’ range.  My drones, Hobgoblin IIs, did a great job melting through his shields, but my own shields did not hold up well from blaster damage.  At least not as well as his active armor tank.  

The combat was a little fast, and some details escaped my attention.  For example, when I realized how close the Incursus was on my Tristan, I attempted to punch on my micro warp drive.  His scram would not allow that, so the distance contest was won by him pretty early into the battle.  I also noticed that I did not lock him up with my warp disruptor for longer than I care to admit.  I need to have this be an immediate action as I lock target.  I attempted to keep an eye on velocity and transversal velocity, but I think that awareness went out as soon as I realized I was not keeping the distance I wanted.  I need to stay out of scram range to win.  My goal here is to maximize transversal velocity to my advantage.  I do not have weapons, so I do not need to worry about turret tracking – an Incursus does.  Again, as he got in my face quickly, any possible opportunity I would have was lost.

A redeeming point to this battle, if memory serves correctly, I got him into structure.  I don’t feel the battle was as one sided as I believed my first losses would be.  I’m also glad I had a 1v1 battle for my first faction warfare experience.  Although I hope for more opportunities such as this, I do not believe this will hold up through my loss experience.

For anyone curious, I knew the PvP game was going to be fast for me, which is why I took such a passive fit.  As I get more comfortable with the game, I’ll see what I can do to add to my ship’s tool box.  Any suggestions of Tristan fits you think I should/could use, please feel free to leave me a comment, send in game mail, or both.

XQ0002 is now fired up, and ready to go.  Record now stands at: 99 Tristans in station; 0 kills.

The Eve PvP Challenge Begins

Thanks for joining me on this flight!

“Self-improvement is masturbation. Now, self-destruction…” — Tyler Durden



This is a bit embarrassing, but I’ve been an Eve Online player for years, (over five to be exact), but really haven’t been able to enjoy it at a level I’ve read, heard, and watched others. I have spent countless hours keeping up with the Eve culture, but never really felt a part of it. Much of that stems from the fact that I have a full time job, (that often has hours of two full time jobs), and I have a family. Both demand much of my attention, rightly so! However, every chance I get, (barring some extended breaks here and there), I log on, and dive into the black of New Eden.

My interest has been scattered. I often feel like I have an two inch deep, five mile wide understanding of this game. As a result, my main’s skills are all over the place. I have always identified the character as an industrialist, but I feel like the character should be super space rich by now. It is not. My play habits can only be described as the dog chasing squirrels in the park, running after one only to be distracted by another zipping by. I believe my greatest obstacle is, (and I can’t believe it’s taken me five years to realize this), I am extremely risk averse. I don’t use the word “extremely” lightly. It has been 3 years and seven months since I’ve lost a ship to a hostile. I have a difficult time risking ISK in an investment to make more. I simply hate to lose, and I believe that is holding me back in the game.

Despite my fear of losing, I have always wanted to get into the PvP aspect of this game. This would explain why my main has so many combat oriented skills leveled up, despite being an industrialist and never really using them. To get over my risk averse nature, I have decided to follow the advice I have read in articles several times over the years – to buy a number of ships, and just go out with the plan to blow up. One writer even advised to buy twenty ships, fit them out, undock, and self destruct. Although I can see how this may help, it doesn’t seem fun. I still want the fun.

This is where I will begin. On May 30, 2017, I started a new account. The “just get out there and blow up” advice was rolling around in my head when I created Quin Fidel for faction warfare.

At the time I planned to undock, plex, fight, and blow up. With each explosion, head back to base to hop into a new ship, and repeat the adventure. However, reality hit when I found that I just went for the easy LP, and ran when I saw trouble. Eventually, I took a break from the game, only to return to the industry ways of my main.

I love this game. It is my hope to get more involved. I want to improve as a player, and pay forward the advice and entertainment many players have offered me over the years through YouTube, podcasts, blogs, articles, and even local chatter. It is my hope that my commitment to improve at PvP and overcome my risk averse nature will connect me more to our Eve community.

As I journal my experience through this blog, we’ll work out more details of this personal quest. Most immediately this is the deal:

  • I have 100 Tristans ready for flight.
  • I will fly to plex, roam, or mission, but will not run from a fight when challenged. Even if I know I am over powered.

This is the medicine I will take to cure my ill.

Starting record: 100 ships in hangar; 0 kills.